Build or improve your recruitment process

do you:

  • Understand your target employee, their motivators and ways to reach them at scale?
  • Need to develop programs and a recruitment process that gets quality and volume candidates?
  • Want to reduce time-to-hire without compromising on standards?
  • Bring hiring and recruitment data into operations, SLAs, client contracts and decision-making?

Examples of success scaling and improving recruitment operations

  • Designed recruitment process to move client off email and excel tracking and implemented system recommendations for cloud ATS to handle 100+ hires in next 12 months.
  • Cleared backlog of persistent 20% staff shortage within 90 days enabling client to accept new referrals.
  • Ramped up social enterprise hiring from 20 hire per year to 80+ hires over 9 months, and created a sustainable model for replacement hiring that is flexible enough to handle surges in demand.
  • Created engaging employer value proposition, employee referral and promotion process to attract new hourly employees in high turnover industry.
  • Reduced average time to hire on high volume positions from 6 weeks to 2 weeks - response to start date including background and reference checks.