Efficient, affordable recruiting solutions for your diverse workforce

Today’s job seekers are looking for purpose-driven careers with companies that offer engaging, entrepreneurial environments and attractive compensation packages. Marketed and managed properly, non-profits often have a significant untapped advantage in their recruiting.  Let Roccam help you unlock the power of your purpose.  

Are you:

  • Struggling to attract and hire top talent for your non-profit?
  • A social enterprise and human services organization with high volume or high turnover employee categories?
  • Overwhelmed by variable hiring demand?
  • Having difficulty hiring hourly, part time or shift-work employees?
  • Facing an unrealistic demand for faster time-to-hire?
  • Interested in moving from excel and email based recruiting to affordable, efficient, cloud-based hiring?

Roccam can help you reduce time to hire, and increase hiring manager satisfaction without compromising on standards.


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