On-demand, manager to executive level headhunting

Are you:

  • A boutique agency or professional services firm seeking highly skilled, experienced advisors for a sophisticated client base?
  • Stressing your team or leaving money on the table because open positions are going unfilled?
  • Revisiting recruiting sporadically and leaving positions open for lack of good applicants?
  • Tapped out on your employee and organization network?
  • Offering a distinctive work environment, niche market position and selective client list?

Roccam can help you reach beyond your network and pitch qualified candidates who are not active job-seekers. We quickly expand your candidate and applicant pool by persuasively and authentically pitching your unique opportunities to highly selective candidates. Then we keep your hiring on track to close positions and reduce your time-to-hire. Roccam manages the recruitment sourcing, screening and initial interview process so your hiring managers can focus on building and managing their teams.



Vice President B2B – Tech PR Agency
VP Content & Marketing - Tech PR Agency
VP Marketing – HR Tech
Business Development Principal - RIA
Managing Director - RIA
Senior Wealth Management Advisor - RIA


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